About us
Here at Donelli e Abreu Sodré Advogados we strive to achieve each client’s demand beyond legal aspects, with creativity and pragmatism. We are guided by values and principles that aim at an efficient and client-oriented advice, preserving the main characteristic of client-lawyer relationship – loyalty.

The client-lawyer relationship is based on loyalty and creation of a long-term partnership allowing clients to obtain the best advice on their needs.

Provide the client with necessary assistance to develop their businesses, respecting their characteristics, focusing on a long-term relationship.
Donelli e Abreu Sodré Advogados sees itself as a singular law firm, which seeks mainly to solve the client’s problem in a loyal and ethical way.
We value the client’s result with efficiency resulting from commitment and creativity of our professionals, preserving the loyalty to the client and the highest ethic levels, and compliance with law.